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"... nello spirito di Gussago"

Witty, lively, amusing, facetious, epigrammatic and sometimes even lepid pictorial subjects, without ever abandoning bon ton that always characterised Angelo's behaviour and his cheerful and friendly spirit.

As part of the events linked to Bergamo-Brescia as Italian Capital of Culture 2023, this exhibition, strongly desired by Mayor Giovanni Coccoli and curators Professor Luciano Anelli and Mr. Federico Troletti, has the desire to act as a link between the institutions that promoted it, the scholars who worked on it, and the users who will enjoy it.
Art opens many doors and many hearts and the drama free art of Angelo Inganni moreover has values to offer and transmit.

His cordiality in approaching things and people, an affability that widens the heart and provides the serenity of an encounter, the love of nature and the predilection for simple things...'in the spirit of Gussago'”.

Angelo Inganni - Donna che cucina lo spiedo

The Exhibition

The main exhibition is located inside the Church of San Lorenzo in Gussago in the province of Brescia.
By booking a guided tour 'In the footsteps of Inganni', it will be possible to admire further works by the artist along a route through the municipality of Franciacorta to discover an unexpected territory.

Free access

Accessto the exhibition is free of charge , however, in order to fully enjoy the exhibition, you can request audio guides ai volontari in San Lorenzo o prenotare una guided tour filling out the form clicking here.

audio guides

€ 3.50 each
quale contributo ai nostri volontari per il restauro della Santissima

Guided tours 

da € 8.00 a persona
corrisposti direttamente alla guida

Opening Hours

The exhibition will be open to the public from 23 September to 26 December 2023 , respecting the timetables below. Special openings are planned for schools and guided tours, to be agreed with the organization.


17 – 21

e festivi

9.30 – 12  |  14 – 21

The Territory

The Angelo Inganni exhibition was desired by Mayor Giovanni Coccoli to celebrate the extraordinary event of two cities that for the first time in history are simultaneously being Italian Capitals of Culture.
Take some time to visit not only the exhibition, but also a wonderful area.

Located a few steps from Brescia city,, Gussago Gussago is an important town in Franciacorta , rich in scenic beauty and historical and cultural sites: a surprising place for a relaxing day among hills, vineyards, churches and ancient palaces. Among the most evocative places of the Franciacorta centre, the ‘Parco della Santissima’is certainly worth a visit. It winds along the slopes of Colle Barbisone and surrounds the homonymous former Dominican Convent, currently undergoing a complete restoration. To complete the visit is a must a food and wine stop in one of the numerous wine cellars and distilleries, to taste local grappa and wines, as well as a taste of spit, the main Gussago cuisine dish recently awarded with the De.Co. mark.

Organized by
Administrative Coordination
and Project

Comune di Gussago
Culture Office
and Promotion
of the territory
+39 030 2522919 int. 202/220

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'In the spirit of Gussago'

23/9 - 26/12

Church of San Lorenzo
Piazza San Lorenzo 1
Gussago (BS)

Comune di Gussago
Comune di Gussago

Church of San Lorenzo
Gussago (BS)

23/9 - 26/12

Comune di Gussago

Church of San Lorenzo
Gussago (BS)

23/9 - 26/12